Where to do it:
On pedestrian bridge linking Garnethill with Kelvingrove, and on pedestrian Bridge at Stobcross Road going over Glasgow Express Way at Kelvinaugh

How to do it: A bridge tree transfer is an aerial shortcut that helps you getting to the other side or the ground more quickly. It is also a micro maneuver that helps you to train your inner squirrel.
First check if there is a reachable branch behind the ballustrade that can resist your weight. Now get yourself over the ballustrade and with a firm grip lounge yourself onto your chosen branch. Then brachiate towards the stem as fast as possible to avoid breaking the branch. To keep a low profile proceed to climb down in an innocent tree climber manner.
You can reverse the whole thing and do a Tree Bridge Transfer.

Care: Make sure that you get onto a strong branch, don't scare other pedestrians and be quick to avoid police patrols

Hazars/risks: Brittle branches, falling off, breaking bones, police encounters

Suitability for wet weather: No

Grade of difficulty: 6-9